Really, really, useful professional support delivered at scale.

Practical and immediately useable services, training, and resources.

Keeping professionals on top of change and operating at best practice; this is the common thread of Diverger’s accounting segment businesses. Our market-leading companies work with advisers across the accounting, superannuation, and wealth sectors, delivering:
  • Adviser support through scaled membership services
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training services

Our membership services offered by Knowledge Shop provide adviser technical support at scale – we deliver the answers to the questions adviser’s tackle every day, with the resources they need to operate efficiently.

Our training companies focus on Continuing Professional Development that achieves results. Every year, advisers are collectively required to fulfil hundreds of thousands of hours of training to maintain their professional registrations. We do more than simply deliver hours – we fill the gap between the CPD hours advisers must do, and what they need to grow and develop as professionals.

Knowledge Shop is the ‘advisers’ adviser’


The Knowledge Shop membership works with accounting dominant firms across Australia, delivering the services on scale that were once only dominated by the Big Four:

  • The technical help desk answers the questions professionals face every day across tax, accounting, superannuation, practice management and specialist areas. It brings a depth of expertise and cuts research time.
  • The online knowledge base delivers one clear method of managing quality control within firms, by providing the standards, procedures and workpapers for the typical services firms deliver.
  • The technical alerts do more than just advise the profession of change, they explain what to do about it at a practice and client level.
  • The client newsletters and updates keep clients informed on the important issues and make firms look good.

Finally, the quarterly CPD delivers keeps professionals at the top of their game and ahead of change.

Continuing Professional Development

Knowledge Shop’s training services deliver webinars, online on-demand training, and workshops at scale.

Industry leading tax training

Top quartile firms utilise TaxBanter to train their teams. TaxBanter delivers expert knowledge through high quality training that is practical, comprehensive, and relevant.

In-house Tax Training

Australia’s leading tax training brand, TaxBanter’s primary service is its in-house training. Delivered nationally, their trainers work within firms to build the knowledge of professional teams.

Tax Online

TaxBanter’s monthly Tax Updates are delivered online at scale. The updates translate complex legislative and regulatory change into easily applicable, concise guidance supported by high quality technical papers.

Tax Workshops

The tax workshops across capital city, urban and major regional locations bring high-quality tax training where it’s needed to practices of all sizes.

TaxBanter is a subsidiary of Knowledge Shop.

In-house tax training for accounting and law firms

TaxBytes is a leading in-house training company for accountants and lawyers. Dominant in NSW and extending across the East Coast, TaxBytes makes complex tax change clear, relevant and entertaining. It is effective, targeted training tailored to the needs of the practice.

TaxBytes is a subsidiary of Knowledge Shop.