We recognise the value of quality wealth advice and are committed to providing that to our clients.

The Wealth Solutions segment enables quality advice by providing technical support services to financial advisers and accountants.

We deliver these services through individual brands that offer a different value proposition to the market.

  • Licensing and compliance
  • Back-office outsourcing
  • Client engagement, advice systems and processes
  • Practice consulting and networking
  • Equity investment into practices to help them grow
  • Managed portfolio services

To learn more about any of these services, please contact us.

Knowledge, skills, and resources for quality financial advisory services

Launched in 2021, EastonX partners with self-licensed practices to provide them with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to effectively run their business and provide quality financial advisory services to their clients.

The self-licensed model is flexible and easily tailored to align to the evolving needs of a business, whether it is in start-up phase or a mature, established firm. Partnering with Easton X, self-licensed businesses canaccess the industrial scale and bench strength of a corporate, while maintaining the flexibility and control they desire – all at an attractive price point.​

EastonX helps advisory practices:

  • Maintain a strong compliance regime
  • Employ a practical risk management framework to meet regulatory and legislative obligations
  • Apply a practitioner-led systemised, repeatable process to grow their business, engage clients, and train advisers
  • Adopt essential business management techniques
  • Receive practical up-to-date training and education.

Importantly, the service is supported by an experienced team of executives with real world industry experience.

Find your way on the Pathway to Wealth®

GPS Wealth continues to lead the way in a new category of Financial Services Licensee through future-focussed thinking, practitioner-led innovation and a culture built on sharing and collaboration.

GPS Wealth supports growth-oriented practices on the journey to build their ideal practice, engage and retain their ideal clients, as well as provide high-quality wealth management and financial advice.

To empower advisers to engage in deeper conversations with clients, GPS Wealth has developed market leading client engagement tools, which are built and continually updated by practicing Advisers.

GPS Wealth is proud to know what financial advisers need and want, and provides support, coaching, tools, and training that make a difference.

Since inception, GPS Wealth has become one of the most award-winning licensees, achieving:

*This is not a description of our business. It is the title bestowed by CoreData.

The next best thing to your own license

By partnering with Paragem we believe that we can give financial advisers the next best thing to their own license. Paragem provides business compliance services to advice businesses, giving them the freedom and flexibility to promote their own brand, build their own value proposition and operate in a way that suits them and their clients. We look at the bigger picture and stay level-headed, with a relentless focus on driving an outcome for our partners.

The Licensee for Technical Specialists

The experts in supporting integrated accounting and financial advice firms and specialists in partnership models, we draw on more than 10 years of experience working within the accounting and financial planning industry to empower firms in delivering holistic client solutions and an exceptional client experience.

Become part of a community of like-minded technical specialists that believe in the true value of advice, and feel supported by a team that understands the opportunities and challenges you face. We have the knowledge and resources you need to facilitate change.